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25 rubles Dancing Ballerina (Bolshoy Theatre).

USSR commemorative Gold Coins

Series: Russian Ballet.
Dancing Ballerina (Bolshoy Theatre).

Par : 25 rubles

Release Date: 01.10.1991

Mint: Leningrad Mint (LМD).

USSR commemorative Gold Coins Dancing Ballerina (Bolshoy Theatre) 25 rubles
USSR commemorative Gold Coins Dancing Ballerina (Bolshoy Theatre) 25 rubles

Metal, fineness Gold 999 / 1000
Quality B / U
Content chemically pure metal, g 3.11
Total weight, g 3.11
Thickness, mm 1.1
Diameter, mm 16
The edge 111 corrugations.
Mintage, pcs. 1500

Russian ballet is a form of ballet characteristic of or originating from Russia. The original purpose of the ballet in Russia was to entertain the royal court. In the early 19th century, the theaters were opened up to anyone who could afford a ticket. The first ballet company was the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg in the 1740s. The Russian Ballet was a ballet company founded in the 1909 by Sergey Diaghilev, an enormously important figure in the Russian ballet scene. The headquarters of his ballet company was located in Paris, France. A protege of Diaghilev, George Balanchine, founded the New York City Ballet Company in 1948. Today, the Kirov Ballet company (now known as the Mariinsky Ballet) and the Bol'shoy company are two world-renowned Russian ballet companies that tour the world.

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